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Check ups


If we see you regularly, and not just when you have a problem, our friendly dentist, Dr Visse, can spot any issues early and treat them before they cause unnecessary pain and further damage. This preventive approach protects the long-term health of your mouth and can also help avoid the need for more extensive and costly treatment in the future.

During a check-up, as well as listening carefully to any of your concerns, we will carry out a thorough assessment of your oral health, checking for:

  • decay
  • teeth grinding
  • overcrowding
  • how your teeth fit together
  • gum disease
  • mouth cancer

Dr Visse works closely with our experienced hygienist who will also keep an eye on any oral health issues that may require attention. If further treatment is required, we will always let you know what will be involved, how long it will take and how much it will cost by providing an itemised estimate.

Our younger patients

Regular check-ups and dental education from an early age will mean your child is more likely to feel comfortable about coming to see us. It also means we can oversee their developing teeth and teach them lots of teeth cleaning techniques to ensure they keep on smiling right through to adulthood.

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