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Designed to look just like real teeth, our dentures are made from modern, natural looking materials and offer a comfortable, functional and affordable solution to tooth loss.

Our partial dentures can replace a few missing teeth or our full dentures can be used to restore a whole set of lost teeth. Whatever you need, our dentures are carefully designed to fit you perfectly – restoring the look and function of your mouth, as well as helping to boost your confidence.

Treatment steps and fitting

The design and manufacture of well-fitting dentures is an intricate process and you will need to attend several appointments to ensure they fit as well as possible.

  • We take impressions of your mouth so we can produce a model, which is then used to check for fit and comfort.
  • A final set of dentures is expertly produced and then put in place during your fitting appointment.
  • A follow-up appointment will allow us to check your new teeth are still comfortable and functioning as they should.

It can take a short while to get used to new dentures. If you find eating a little tricky then try starting with softer foods and gradually introduce more ‘challenging’ items. You may also experience a slight increase in saliva but this will ease off within a couple of weeks. If your speech is affected, try speaking out loud regularly to help speed up the adjustment process.

Take care of your dentures by keeping them clean and removing them at night to give your gums a rest. Always store them in denture fluid so they retain their shape and don’t forget to keep on brushing any remaining natural teeth too.

Partial Plate: Treatment Video

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