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Family Dentistry

Family-Friendly Dentistry

We invite your whole family to visit us for preventive dental care, including the youngest members of your clan. And, rest assured, our team know how to help eliminate any anxiety by greeting your little ones with wide smiles, and always treating them with kindness and sensitivity.

We know how important it is to start caring for little teeth from a young age. So, as well as looking after your child’s teeth at home, we encourage you to bring youngsters to see us as soon as their tiny teeth first start to appear. This will mean they get to know us and make them feel more comfortable about attending regular appointments, as well as helping to develop positive dental habits to last a lifetime.

You can also boost your child’s dental health by introducing them to our hygienist, Marianne. She will treat young teeth to a deep clean and offer plenty of helpful tooth care advice, including brushing techniques and diet tips.

And remember, our Family Practice Plan covers you, and up to two children, for routine appointments and hygienist visits, as well as giving discounts for any necessary dental treatment.

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